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#34 - Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur

How does one properly sum up four weeks with few words and two pictures? Not at all.
Since I feel like I owe you, I’ll let you partake in those past weeks...

#33.1 - Cooking at Home is Cheaper

No, it isn’t.
As I learned from my Malaysian acquaintance the other day, she and her mother always eat out since it’s cheaper than cooking at home. Today we made the painful experience that she was right...

#33 - My Home for the Next Month: Kuala Lumpur

It was a hit or miss situation and I’d say we hit!

#32 - The Two Different Ha Long Bays

Vietnam kept surprising us over and over. From being clean, organized and quick to using lots of electric scooters in the north! And we were yet to find out about the second Ha Long bay... ;)

#31.5 - Hanoi and Plans for Halong Bay

Hanoi is another surprise in Vietnam - sure, you feel it’s the capital but it’s also pretty clean and people seem to be relaxed.
We took our time to get to know the city by walking with a kind german we got to know in the hostel...

#31.4 - Looking Forward to a New Chapter

Decisions were made: We booked an apartment in Kuala Lumpur to stay there for one entire month!

#31.3 - Outlooks and Insights

It was another cold and cloudy day in the beautiful north of Vietnam, which led to more rounds of billiards and naturally competing with the local guys...

#31.2 - The Perks of Rainy Days

Heavy rains made me switch to productive mode from the morning...

#31.1 - Ninh Binh and the Warmth of Locals

The owner pours in some shots of homemade rice booze to start off; we respectfully accept although we just got up. Throughout the meal he keeps handing out shots for the men at the table. As we want to be respectful we keep drinking...

#31 - The Beauty of Vietnam, The Beauty of Mind

I feel like an insightful and precious part of my journey just began.
Imagine you try to solve a riddle for years and then, as you put it aside for a moment, it simply unfolds the resolution on it’s own....

#30 - The Highlands and the French

From Ho-Chi-Minh-City (aka Saigon) a sleeper bus brings us up 1500 meters to Đà Lạt, the capital of the Lâm Đồng region in the central highlands...

#29 - Meeting My Dad in Vietnam

We did the unthinkable: My dad and me met in Vietnam without using telecommunication. :D

#28 - Kampot - Where the Pepper grows

I can’t believe the positive twist ever since we arrived in Cambodia! :)

#27 - Koh Rong and Glowing Plankton

This is freaking awesome! :D
We had such a great time and I’m happy to share this wonderful impressions with you right here...

#26.1 - F the Thai-Cambodian Border

Dude, where is our driver?!
I run back to the hotel, where the manager gets in contact with the driver..

#26 - Walking with Elephants

That was one kind of an experience! :D
Those animals really are impressive! Slow and mighty. Frankly I felt tiny and vulnerable besides them. But first things first...

#25 - When you Finally reach Paradise

Yes, good times!
Ending up on this beautiful island of Koh Chang was the best thing that happened to us ever since we came to Thailand. Everything is pretty relaxed, we’re far off the touristic mainstream and we couldn’t have found a better accomodation for our needs...

#24 - May I Never See You Again Pattaya

Don’t get me wrong! If you’re either a sex tourist, white trash package tourist, mindless self-indulger or only stay in your 5-star restort, bloody hell, that’s your place to go!
But I’ll go enjoy myself somewhere else...

#23 - WATER PARK!!!

Yes, it’s a Cartoon Network themed water park. Hory sheeeet! :D
I’m a huge fan of Adventure Time so this was like a must for me. Manchild mode activated!

#22 - Game Club & Hanging With The Yakuza

The gamer’s eyes were lit when Flo spotted an awesome gaming club on Pattaya 3rd Road - as a gamer simply an experience he MUST go for.
Since most other options in Pattaya are tourist rip-offs or simply don’t float our boat the decision was easy...

#21 - Pattaya - A Night Out

Done relaxing! Our next destination ist Pattaya - well-known for its nightlife and being the sex capital. Whatever that means...

#20 - Time To Move On

Done relaxing! Our next destination ist Pattaya - well-known for its nightlife and being the sex capital. Whatever that means...

#19 - Koh Sichang - Overrated Or Underrated?

Funny thing is: You go out there to get to know the world, but actually get to know yourself...

#18 - Over and Out

After those days in Bangkok I’ll take some time to reflect on different stuff.

But before I become quiet for about a week you may know where we went and how we got there...

#17 - Theft and Muay Thai

Good idea: leaving phone & wallet at home.
Bad idea: getting credit card at 3 am.
Shortly after that I disappeared for about 8 hours and had the craziest and most frightening night of my life...

#16 - First Day In Bangkok

After rolling outta bed and some breakfast we go straight for a Thai massage to treat that jet lag..

#15 - Let The Craze Begin

‘Did you already stop your travels?’ That’s what many asked.

The simple answer: it’s starting just now. :D

#14 - Rome Layover With Different Tastes

What!? 17°C are freezing cold. Brrr.
Alright, 18 hours till the next flight.
Change clothes, adjust, get my act together, go.

#13 - Singapore And The Rise Of Bitcoin

The Singapore feeling starts with the arrival at this extraordinary airport:
All carpeted floor, the terminals are connected via unmanned automatic trains, everything’s quiet and clean...

#12 - Goodbye Bali

A’ight! The last few days in paradise!
I mostly spent them curing my sickness and catching up on blog entries...

#11 - Downfall And Oppurtunity

First things first: I got to visit my granny for christmas and she is super happy!I missed you, Bali. You weren’t this rainy the other day though. Still you are beautiful, darling...

#10.5 - Christmas Update!

First things first: I got to visit my granny for christmas and she is super happy!

#10 - Leaving That Beautiful Gili Air

Before I leave, I'm gonna have a fine day. Snorkeling it shall be! I borrow an innovative snorkel mask...

#9 - Time To Recover

What About That Digital Nomad Thing?

First things first: Pool. Cool down & sober up. Two lads are chatting in the pool. One Englishman and Tobi (german). I join the convo...

#8 - Gili Air - Relax And Retreat

I take the public transport this time. A small boat takes us to the neighboring island called Gili Air (Air = Indonesian for water).
Immediately I'm slowing down as I step on the ground. Is that the vibe? Did it catch me already?

#7 - Heaven and Hell

A controversial reflection on the good and the bad sides of SEA, especially the Gili islands in Indonesia...

#6.5 - Volcanic Eruption Mt Agung Bali [DE]

An update of my situation while the Mt Agung on Bali was about to erupt.

It's in german but the video in the bottom is english and funny to watch imo. :D

#6 - Time To Say Goodbye To Bali

Simply astonishing, how fast you accustom to people around you and your new accommodation. After a week of surfing and a lot of fun it’s now finally time to say goodbye to new friends...

#5 - Single Fin Surfing And The Monsoon

If you don’t want my soul, please take my body Indonesia!!!
Holy freaking cow! I finally arrived. I’m so happy here, I can’t even describe it! What the heck have I been doing? Why didn’t I do this earlier? Doesn’t matter. I’m here. Let’s live life!

#4 - Surfing!

08:30 – my alarm slaps me right in the face. Whoa, I’m totally tired/jetlagged/hungover. I don’t want to move. I don’t actually know if I’m feeling good or bad...

#3 - Surfcamp in Denpasar

Welcome to paradise! ☺
But heck, where is my driver?

#2 - Bali, here I come! [DE]

Journey to Bali. Apparently I decided to do that one in german only.

#1 - Hello World

I've been for an internet service provider in austria in different positions for the last 5 years and had come to a realization: If anything is crazy, it’d be working 40 h/week for 40 years...

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